A working adult spends 70-80% of his professional life sitting at his desk. While humans are known to adapt as per the situation-in-hand, it is imperative for an environment to be designed according to certain standards that help develop and nurture the physical, cognitive and emotional requirements of the employees.

Something worth being understood by everyone in the professional setup is that the workplace is a business tool. The ideal workplace imparts within itself a kind of mindfulness which is critical for the organization to grow successfully.

The right kind of space promotes optimism and maximizes output in a workplace. An association of people strengthened by the idea of optimistic approach to tackle workplace issues on a day-in-day-out basis is the prime endeavor of a setup. To foster creativity, while expanding end profits is tactical and requires thinking beyond the set parameters of a cubicle.


To encourage authenticity in a corporate setup, it is necessary to be able to connect one’s personal values with the brand values.
Employees feel the need to leave their desks and move around during the day. It has been proven that working in natural light increases productivity and inculcates mindfulness.

With ever expanding technological advances in today’s times, communication has been scrunched into a screen which seldom leaves space for one-on-one interaction. It is eminent for any work setup to have the provision to develop eye-to-eye contact, thus magnifying interaction in the workplace.
Corporate spaces should always exude a calming feeling – through the materials, lighting, texture, views. However, employees need to feel encouraged and positive throughout the day and a pop of colour, when used strategically, often goes an extra mile.
Collaborative spaces, focus rooms, de-stress facilities are certain new-age concepts which help break the day’s monotony and offer some time off whenever required.

While we constantly frame spaces to build environments which promote interactivity, it becomes difficult for employees to find moments of privacy. While it remains important for confidential discussions and phone calls, these places also help nurture thought process in creative setups.
Workplaces need to be a fruitful combination of different kinds of spaces. It is important for the employee to feel that his choice is trusted upon and valued. Spaces should be designed to promote socializing.

Encouraging choice and control or authority over where people work is major. The hold to personalize one’s station develops an employee’s sense of connect and belongingness towards the organisation.

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